domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2009

Schools are Prisions.x Sex Pistols (L)

They took the best years of my life
And made it so I couldn’t decide
I don't turn this want
To make beautiful word that goes on and on
And on and on
Those 13 years in prison
Didn’t teach me how to love
They say they have their reasons
All coming from above
You can forget the seasons inside your factory
There's one thing they can't teach you is how to feel free
And stand alone in a beautiful world
We have to respond...
Schools are prisons
Forget the seasons
Schools are prisons
Schools are one of the reasons for this waste of the spring
And where to begin
Outside or within
Statistic as in prisons
Statistic as in life
They say they had their reasons
But coming from above
You got what their decisions inside your factory
But one thing they can't teach you is how to feel free
And stand up in the beautiful world
We only respond...
Schools are prisons
Ahora solo queda disfrutar de estos dias de libertad que nos quedan D: 

martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009


Exacto,son las 4:22 del 1 de Septiembre de 2009,todavia estoy de maravillosas vaciones,y como me aburro soberanamente me he creado una cosa de estas.
Creo que me vendra bien un sitio donde desahogarme.

Nnnnno me apetece presentarme,tu eliges si quieres conocerme o no.

Lucy Poison.